Songs with Limitations

Yesterday I finished my song of the week, “I Had a Thought of You” (click above to listen).

I had two main ‘rules’ or ‘limitations’ when I wrote this song:

1) The bass notes for the song had to be descending and chromatic, within an octave, from the high C to the low C.  (The chords did not need to be the same as the bass note, but they needed to work around the chromatic, descending bass line.)

2) The lyrics of the song were limited to a short, 8 line lyrical idea I had.

I broke both of these rules:

1)  In the middle of the song, the bass not goes back up (not descending) from F# to G before continuing it’s downward descent.

2)  I made slight changes to the lyrics the second time through the song

Overall, though, I stuck to the rules and I like the result.  The song is lyrically simple but the second time forced me to change the melody a bit to keep it from getting boring.  The fact that I had to use EVERY NOTE in the bass forced me to come up with some chords that I definitely would not have normally thought of.   The most difficult was figuring out how to smoothly resolve from C# down to C.  That took me a while.

In future songs I’d like to continue with the limitation idea.  If you have any suggestions please let me know!

I also used a new microphone for this song which I’ll talk more about in the next post.

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  1. Beautiful my friend. Thanks. My thoughts are this. Never stop composing and singing and please please continue sharing all of your God given talents.

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