No Turning Back

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After 4 solid months, I’m taking a one month sabbatical from my new song project to work on a more urgent recording project.  In the meantime I’ll share a few songs I wrote a while back as a part of an album called “Word Trees”.  I wrote and recorded the songs for this album while living in Korea and made it available on my bandcamp site, but after more listening wasn’t happy with the overall recording quality of it.  So I’m going to re-master the songs and incrementally release them.

The original idea for this song came to me while I was still living in Chicago.  I was at Ipsento, a coffee shop close to my apartment and I was talking with the then-owner, Rachael Smith, about how, when you first start drinking coffee, you can get used to whatever kind of coffee you’re introduced to, but then if/when you taste a cup of really good coffee, suddenly you ‘know better’ and the coffee you were perfectly content with before is no longer good enough, thus causing you to take farther trips and pay higher amounts of money just to get the coffee that measures up to your new standard.

Whether it was something within or beyond my control, there are a whole lot of things that happen which I look at and think ‘It would have been nice if that wouldn’t have happened…but it did.’   We have to live in the context of all the things that have really happened, even those things which we prefer would not have happened.  We do stuff and we’re stuck with it.  That’s what this song is about.

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