4 Ways I Saved Money Using Gorilla Glue

gorilla glue As a full-time musician, I’m always looking for ways to save money. I make the 5-minute drive over to Iowa to buy cheaper gas, roast my own coffee, and have lately even started clipping coupons for various purchases. Another key to saving money is making the stuff I have last as long as possible.  Here are four things I’ve fixed using a $4 bottle of Gorilla Glue:

#1 – Boots

I like these boots.  I got them 5 years ago and I wear them all the time.  They are pretty worn out, but more comfortable than any other footwear I have ever had.  However, last year, due to the heavy wear, the leather heel-guard lining began to peel away, bootsmaking it difficult/impossible to wear the boots.  Actually this has happened twice.  Both times I’ve simply applied gorilla glue and wear on.  It hasn’t affected the comfort of the boots at all.  The second time the leather started peeling away I was in an airport in Denmark. There happened to be a shoe repair store in the airport.  Due to the discomfort, I decided I was willing to spend the money to have them repaired, so I showed the good cobbler my boots and he said he couldn’t repair them.  I managed to get back home and Gorilla Glue did  the trick again.

Money Saved from not buying new boots: $200

#2 – Hario Coffee Dripper

hario fixedhario broken

I’ve had this coffee dripper for years, and despite all the rough trips it’s taken with me on planes and road trips, ironically I ended up breaking it by dropping it in my own kitchen sink.  No worries though – apply a light bead of glue and it’s as good as new.

  Money saved from not buying a new coffee dripper: $25


#3 – Removable Music Stand

music stand

Speaking of things that take lots of abuse, my piano also does.  Eventually the clear acrylic piece fell out of the metal holder of the detachable music stand.  I glued it back and it’s been solid ever since.

Money saved: $40

#4 – Refrigerator Rail


Recently I guess I shut my refrigerator door too hard, cause the rail that holds milk and stuff in the shelf on the door fell right off.  Actually I have a good landlord and he probably would have fixed it himself if I had asked him, but, honestly I’m kind of enjoying fixing stuff with Gorilla Glue.

Money saved: (conservative estimate) $10

So there you go, that’s how I saved almost $300 with a $4 bottle of glue.  Buy your own and fix your broken stuff!

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