The Story Behind The Song: “The Branch & The Vine”

I was inspired to write this song while visiting a vineyard with friends in northern California. Inside the vineyard, there was a clear plastic tube showing a sample of the kind of soil the vineyard used to grow their grapes, but it looked very dry and rocky. I asked my friend why they don’t use rich, black soil, and he told me it’s because the best tasting grapes grow in rocky, desert like soil, where they have to fight to survive.  And it became a song.


The branch and the vine
they must fight to be wine
they must fight to survive

the dirt all around looks like
dirt that you found on some
dry desert ground

You teach me my lessons and you’re
keeping me guessing
til you got me confessing

I crack break and pour
my whole self on the floor til I’m
no one
no one but yours

the green growing vine
and the dead poisoned vine
they are tight

you could cut you could tear
to the point of despair
you wont get

the live and the dead
are so closely bound
they are so
hopelessly wound

and I crack break and pour
my whole self on the floor
and I’m
no one’s
No one’s but yours

I am like a bird that sees himself inside a window
and he flies into that window and the window does not move

All my mirrors I will break them, I will break them all for you
cause until I break them all I see is me I can’t see you

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