2 Generations of Quad Cities Songwriters

ed millett

There are some people who enjoy music so much, you can see it right on their face.  One of those people is Ed Millett.  He spends his weekdays at In Touch Adult Daycare in Moline, and every time I perform there, Ed shows up early for the music, and doesn’t leave til the last song is done.  When I finish playing, he comes up to me, shakes my hand, and tells me how much he enjoyed the music.  I play at In Touch, regularly, and after a few performances, I found out Ed was a songwriter.  Eventually he gave me the music to one of the songs he had written and asked if I could play it sometime at In Touch.  I’m woefully bad at reading music, but I figured it out and this past February, I performed Ed’s song, “I Wanna Love”.  Ed wrote the tune for his wife and the timing was perfect because I ended up playing it right around Valentines Day.

Ed has a recording of himself singing “I Wanna Love” but it was done a long time ago and the recording quality is low.  He asked if I could do a recording of it, so I recorded “I Wanna Love”, burned it to a CD, and gave it to Ed.  I also uploaded the song to my bandcamp site, so go ahead and enjoy a song by another Quad Cities songwriter!

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